PRAGMA III is a modern and improved version of PRAGMA II. The substring has been equipped with a special actuator and electronic system allowing for smooth height adjustment by the use of a hand control and the footswitch. The electronic system includes a battery, which in the event of a power failure enables safe and trouble-free operation of PRAGMA III for a minimum of about 1 hour. Application of the actuator has created the possibility of verticalization from lying and sitting position (eg from a wheelchair) and allows to lift the patient (185 cm tall and weighing approx. 100 kg) in elastic suspension in a vertical position 25 cm above the floor.

Flexible vertical off-load allows to perform special sensorimotor exercises that have a significant impact on proprioception, locomotion and manual mobility. It also allows to perform jump exercise with simultaneous rotation down the long axis of the body.

The solutions used in PRAGMA III allow for exercises related to gait re-education, while maintaining all its phases as well with the ability to smoothly regulate the pressure of the feet on the ground – moving treadmills. Movements of the whole body are natural (movements from the pelvis and shoulder girdle). Thanks to innovative solutions, PRAGMA III allows to improve patients who while being off-loaded (with the use of resistance tubes – elastic hanging) in a vertical position can involve not only agonist muscle, but also antagonistic, synergistic and stabilizers. Vertical position of the patient is always unstable (oscillating), but safe and forces him to constantly control his posture.

Set of accessories