PRAGMA III is a multifunctional device for rehabilitation with a safe and comfortable function of remote-controlled verticalization. Used for many years in professional medical facilities, Pragma has gained a positive opinion of a large number of experts in the industry, and above all, recognition of patients. This device requires little space, so it can be easily installed in a patient’s home. It is of an utmost importance for those in need of everyday therapy.

Substring used in PRAGMA III is equipped with a special actuator and electronic system allowing for smooth height adjustment by using a hand controller or a footswitch. The electronic system includes a safety battery, which in the event of a power failure allows trouble-free operation for at least an hour. Thanks to PRAGMA III design, it is possible to verticalize the patient from a lying or sitting position (e.g. from a wheelchair). The device in its standard configuration was designed for people shorter than 190 cm (6.23 ft) and weighing less than 150 kg (330 lbs). Upon customer’s request it is possible to adjust PRAGMA III for taller and heavier patients.

Solutions used in PRAGMA III allows for exercises related to gait re-education while maintaining all its phases and the ability to smoothly adjust foot pressure to the ground. Whole body movements are natural (movements from the pelvis and shoulder girdle). Thanks to innovative solutions, PRAGMA III allows to improve health of patients who while being unweighted in a vertical position by means of elastomers can engage not only agonistic muscles, but also antagonistic, synergistic and stabilizing muscles. Vertical position is always unstable (oscillating) but safe and forces the patient to constantly control the posture. Elastic vertical unweighing system allows to perform sensomotor exercises that have a significant impact on proprioception and locomotion movements. It also enables to perform jump training and rotating down the long axis of the body at the same time.

All components and accessories belonging to PRAGMA III have been carefully selected to meet the most demanding quality standards. We want to be perceived as the Rolls-Royce of brands and serve both patients and physiotherapists for many years. Together with the high quality of the product, we provide our clients with the highest quality of service and constant substantive support during use of PRAGMA.

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