Your private rehabilitation room

All the elements that make up Pragma have been made with great precision and care, a large part of them is handmade, using only state of the art materials. Pragma is the only device of this type available on the market. It replaces many separate devices, including those that significantly restrict patient’s living space or cannot be used in home due to large dimensions. Pragma takes up little space but its construction allows for very complicated exercises and very advanced therapy.

Pragma, through access for individual clients, has passed many years of testing in hospitals and rehabilitation units, in competitive and recreational sports. It obtained only positive opinions and was a basis for many effective therapies, and in combination with therapeutic method of Marek Kowalski it was an inspiration for several scientific papers.

The most important elements of Pragma are elastomers in the form of resistance tubes. They initiate, support or oppose the functions of muscles participating in a given movement. Thanks to their properties, they allow for multi-level movement, in all axes, with the possibility of a smooth change of position of exercising person, including diagonal movement exercises useful in functional rehabilitation and exercises in which auxotonic muscular contraction dominates. Elastomers support the therapist’s work while performing passive exercises and at the same time allow to safely perform dynamic exercises, without any moment of inertia. They also enable making flexible suspensions, important in verticalization and gait re-education with the involvement of postural and antigravity muscles