Pragma will change your life

Therapeutic options offered by Marek Kowalski’s method and Pragma device are limited practically only by knowledge and inventiveness of the therapist. This fact stimulates for creation of own therapeutic methods, or adapting the methods existing to the individual needs of the practitioner. Pragma device interacts extensively with all movement organs, it is safe and easy to use. It allows you to shape and develop motor features such as: dynamic strength, endurance, flexibility, speed, ruggedness, flexibility and neuromuscular coordination. Thanks to this, it is suitable for use in motor rehabilitation, in posture correction, in competitive sports and in physical recreation.

Because Pragma was created primarily for people with disabilities who, in addition to disability, have problems with leaving their place of residence. The device is compact and can be mounted on the wall. Thanks to this, the family and carers of disabled persons can, after training, perform basic therapeutic activities in patient’s home. The patient’s progress in such conditions is much faster which has been proven many times in therapeutic practice.

Pragma has been patented and entered into the register of medical devices, it also has a CE certificate.