Most effective method

Marek Kowalski is a Polish authority in the field of rehabilitation having many successes related to improving people suffering from various neurological diseases, diseases of the musculoskeletal system or people after accidents. As an outstanding specialist, he is trusted by a wide range of patients, university lecturers and employees recognized by specialized medical facilities.

In over 30 years of professional career, Marek Kowalski, M.Sc. has been combining a role of a physiotherapist and scientist, theoretical knowledge with everyday practice. Completely devoted to his work and patients, he was particularly interested in introducing elastomer – resilient and flexible material into therapy. He noted that physical features of elastomers such as stiffness, resilience, elasticity and relaxation of elongation are very similar to the physical features of the striated muscles and myofascial system. Years of trials and experiments, work with patients and consultations with outstanding specialists in Polish science, allowed him to create an original rehabilitation method. Elastomer is used not only as an element of elastic resistance in active exercises with resistance, but also supporting movement in its eccentric part. This is important in neuromotor exercises, especially in gait re-education and elastic verticalization. One of the most important elements of the method is a  frequent verticalization of patients with impaired mobility, that positively affects the circulatory, respiratory and digestive systems. Verticalization also strengthens bones, improves muscle functioning by stretching the contractures, prevents from atrophy and stimulates the nervous system. Marek Kowalski, M.Sc., has developed a method thanks to which hundreds of difficult patients can improve the comfort of their lives and regain their mobility. The method initially required the use of many separate devices and provisional solutions. There was a need to construct one universal device. This is how Pragma was created – a medical device, that has been developed for years as a result of cooperation between physiotherapists and patients.

One of the most important assumptions of the method is rehabilitation in patient’s home, in the sense of intimacy and freedom, among relatives. It is possible thanks to Pragma which turns patient’s room into a professional and fully equipped rehabilitation room.